Whispers from Buzz

2018 Installation
Collaborator: Tomoya Ishibashi//Ryuji Yoshida/Kohei Futakuchi/Tomoya Yoshida

 その日その時のTwitterで発話数が多い特定の単語「トレンドワード」をリアルタイムに取得し、関連するツイート群 を統計解析し特徴語を割り出す。
20万文の日本語を学習したAIが、特徴語から新規の文を生成することで、トレンドワー ドを題材とした詩(に見えるもの)が生成される。

This is an installation work in which AI continues to spell out poems based on trend words on Twitter. It acquires in real time the "trending words," which are specific words with a large number of utterances on Twitter at that time of day. It then statistically analyzes the related tweets to determine the characteristic words. The AI, which has learned 200,000 sentences of Japanese, generates new sentences from the characteristic words to create a poem based on the trend words. Three AI with different personalities generate three poems with different tastes on the same subject (trend word) and keep printing them from the printer. This work was created out of an interest in the ephemeral nature of modern words that are posted on social networking sites, flowing in and out of the timeline. http://wb.sisan.tokyo/